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Prior to founding TMRW, Coriolis Ventures partners Joshua Abram and Alan Murray seed funded and served as co-CEOs of several companies at the intersection of data, machine learning, and marketing. Today, these companies employ approximately 1,200 people  and routinely process tens of billions of data events every 24 hours. 

While building these technology companies, Joshua and Alan also made a significant commitment to founding and/or providing the earliest seed funding to firms that spoke to their shared interest in hospitality — specifically the creation of innovative and scaleable luxury experiences. They co-founded the paradigm-shifting NeueHouse, which brought the amenities and sensibility of a boutique hotel to the office environment. NeueHouse was widely celebrated for, as Departure Magazine wrote, fundamentally changing “what one might aspire to in a utopian, perfected office.”  Joshua and Alan also seed funded Alice, a hospitality tech company that automates the guest experience at leading hotels.

Recent transactions involving firms founded or seed funded by Joshua and Alan:

  • In August 2017, Expedia injected its second round of funding into Alice, bringing its total investment to $35 million.

  • In January 2018, Ranger Capital, the family office of Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg purchased a controlling interest in NeueHouse.

  • In July 2018, private equity firm Vista bought Integral Ad Science (IAS), a martech company co-founded by Joshua and Alan in 2007, in an all cash transaction totaling $850 million dollars.  

  • In June 2018, AppNexus, a martech company that Joshua and Alan seed funded in 2006, was acquired by AT&T FOR $1.6 BILLION.